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Smart office, what is it?

What if, thanks to technology, you could create the optimal work environment for your employees? The smart office is the must-have for efficient hybrid work organization! Paperless access, connected tools, temperature, light and air quality management... By automating what can be automated, you're finally free to focus on what really matters to your business. Analyze your employees' habits to improve their daily work life, whether in the office or remotely. You'll reduce your floor space, your energy consumption... and your bill!


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Come to the office in complete serenity.

Who doesn't dream of arriving at the office with the certainty of having a place in the openspace? Or a room reserved in your name for that all-important meeting? Wherever you are, MOFFI takes the stress out of it! Click, reserve: your name is displayed. And keep your mind free to get on with your projects.
Smart office
Meeting room reservation software

Don't waste any more time looking for a place to live

The key to flexibility? Smart, well thought-out organization. And properly equipped, it's child's play! Effective signage to help you find your way around the building, and presence sensors to identify available spaces at a glance.

Manage all your accesses in no time at all.

Our aim? To ensure the security of your company's information. And that means, above all, high-performance access control. Simplify entry to your building with an innovative connected lock system. And for your personal belongings? Choose intelligent lockers! Together, we can make your company a safe place for your data.

Connected locks

Our partners are experts in the field

Why reinvent the wheel when you can surround yourself with the best? Whatever your needs, we've got the answer.

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First, we identify your company's needs. Then we target the equipment and partners that will boost your work organization.
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Once your project is up and running, we'll train you. Step by step. You'll see: MOFFI will hold no secrets for you!
What's next? We'll be right by your side.
Follow-up, usage analysis, 100% personalized advice... The goal: full adoption of smart office in your company!

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Find out why more than 350 companies have chosen MOFFI to manage their hybrid work.

MOFFI has enabled us to develop the hybrid work at Showroomprivé, the tool is intuitive, easy to use and constantly evolving. The MOFFI teams have the capacity to develop new functionalities according to our needs. That's a real plus for us.
Laurence R. Administrative Manager
MOFFI enables us to manage the occupancy rates of our various sites efficiently, track home office declarations and benefit from relevant statistics. It's a real asset for managers, the HR department and the CFO.
Julie D. General Services Manager
MOFFI has enabled our teams to be completely autonomous in managing their attendance. It's a user-friendly solution that responds to new ways of working.
Le Village
Hervé B. Brand Director

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