Over 350 companies manage hybrid work with MOFFI

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MOFFI, your all-in-one hybrid work partner

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing who comes when. Hello simplicity, peace of mind... In short: freedom. Remote working, in the office, on vacation? Keep track of your teams at a glance. You can also manage your meeting rooms, parking lot, cafeteria... All in one place.

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desk booking software

An app to match your image.

Just what you need, where you need it. With MOFFI, YOU are in the driver's seat.

  • Set your own rules, whether in the office or while working remotely.

  • Customize the app to suit your team's needs.

  • Add plans of your building, for simplified navigation.

Data at the heart of your organization

Our aim? To give you the keys to adapting your work organization in the blink of an eye.

  • Identify peak and off-peak periods. Allocate staff to ensure that workspace is adapted to demand.

  • Optimize your workspaces with real-time data on occupancy and team preferences.

  • Track employee engagement and improve their hybrid work experience.

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Hybrid work? It's still better with MOFFI

Without MOFFI With MOFFI
Optimization of space utilization
Real-time visibility of office availability
Flex office planning management on Microsoft Teams.
Manage your flex office schedule on Google.
Reduce real estate costs.
Improving your employer brand.
More sustainable use of resources
Statistics on declarations and use of workspaces

Offer your employees the best in work organization

A better work/life balance, less stress, respect for your employees' needs... What if "work" rhymed with "freedom"? That's our mission. Together, let's make the hybrid work a key asset for your employer brand.

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In 2022, the majority of respondents had 2 days of remote work per week (IDET, June 2023)


We support you

from A to Z

Let's take stock of your hybrid work project
First, we identify your company's strengths. Then, we target the avenues that will boost your work organization.
Become the tool expert
Once your project is up and running, we'll train you. Step by step. You'll see: MOFFI will hold no secrets for you!
What's next? We'll be right by your side.
Follow-up, usage analysis, 100% personalized advice... The goal: full adoption of hybrid work in your company!

They are our best ambassadors.

Find out why more than 350 companies have chosen MOFFI to manage their hybrid work.

MOFFI has enabled us to develop the hybrid work at Showroomprivé, the tool is intuitive, easy to use and constantly evolving. The MOFFI teams have the capacity to develop new functionalities according to our needs. That's a real plus for us.
Laurence R. Administrative Manager
MOFFI enables us to manage the occupancy rates of our various sites efficiently, track home office declarations and benefit from relevant statistics. It's a real asset for managers, the HR department and the CFO.
Julie D. General Services Manager
MOFFI has enabled our teams to be completely autonomous in managing their attendance. It's a user-friendly solution that responds to new ways of working.
Le Village
Hervé B. Brand Director

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