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1.6 % (pre-tax) of the turnover + €0.49 (pre-tax) per transaction
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Automatic transfer once per month, or individual signed transfers for totals greater than 500€
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up to 100 members
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1.6 % (pre-tax) of the turnover + €0.49 (pre-tax) per transaction
White label
Automatic transfer once per month, or individual signed transfers for totals greater than 500€
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Why choose MOFFI ?   
• Support is included infoOur client support and technical teams are here waiting for you. We’ll answer all your questions by e-mail, live chat or video. We’ll help you adjust the host settings in your spaces.NonOuiOui
• 100% mobile infoMOFFI works on any support: PC, mobile, tablet (iOS and Android). Access your dashboard, track your reservations, add users...OuiOuiOui
• GPS positioning of your services infoYour users can easily identify the nearest space or see the route and distance to the space they’ve booked.OuiOuiOui
• A white-label module infoThe white-label module allows you to offer your spaces directly on your website or intranet.PartialOuiOui
• Calendar view of the overall and space-specific availabilityinfoReservations for each space will be displayed on the centralised calendar, with the option to create a reservation directly using this calendar to facilitate space administration.NonOuiOui
• Mapping your spaces infoInteractive floor plans are there to guide your users and visitors towards their workspaces.NonNon(Upon request)
• Internal geo-location infoMake it easier for your users to get around in your buildings by providing an internal geo-location serviceNonNon(Upon request)
• Flash Code infoReceive a QR Code and stick it on the door to each space, making it easier for users, your manager and your maintenance teams to identify and reserve the spaces.NonNon(Upon request)
• Mapping your users infoInternal user directoryNonNon(Upon request)
• Quotation management infoCreate quotes for any type of product and serviceNonOuiOui
• Discount code management infoSet up limited discount offers for your space bookingsNonOuiOui
• Monthly subscription management infoMonthly PDF invoice management per userNonNonOui
• Open API infoZAPIER plug / Connect MOFFI to more than 1,000 services (Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Yammer, GoToMeeting)NonNon(Upon request)
The essentials   
• Manage your workspaces infoOffer all your internal and/or external workspaces to your employees, members, partners and visitors with a simple, centralised toolOuiOuiOui
• Nominate a space manager infoNominate a space manager. They will be informed of all reservations for all of your spacesOuiOuiOui
• Availability management infoSet out the time slots for your spaces and give your users a simple, clear view of your availabilitiesOuiOuiOui
• Search per type of space and service infoYour users can sort the spaces according to type (meeting room, office, shared space), the equipment they need, the capacity, etc.OuiOuiOui
• Space and reservation management infoGet real-time information about payments, invoicing, the use of your spaces, reservations, user identities and the activity in generalOuiOuiOui
• Calendar synchronisation infoLog in to Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook: centralise all your room reservation tools to make it easier to manage your spacesOuiOuiOui
• Open your spaces to the world infoYou can choose a “private” or “public” mode: in “public” mode, you can host external people in your spaces and monetise your offices. Automatic contracting, payment and PDF invoicing management.OuiOuiOui
Space management   
• Reservation criteria configuration infoSet out the reservation conditions for your spaces (minimum and maximum reservation periods; minimum and maximum notice for bookings)OuiOuiOui
• Multi-building management infoInterconnect all your spaces, everywhere in the worldNonOuiOui
• Remove any cancelled bookings infoIt’s easy to manage your availabilities: a notification system has been developed to release reserved spaces which have not been usedNonNonOui
• Dynamic space displays infoModify your space settings with ease: the update will be displayed instantly on the space notice.OuiOuiOui
• Dynamic availability displays infoThe “calendar” function gives the account administrator a specific calendar on their device’s screen, and allows them to send a link to the calendar to anyone they wish.NonNonOui
• Space management with modular partitions infoManage bookings for your modular spaces quickly and easily. If your space features modular partitions, the bookings made will immediately take into account it’s specific nature and the spaces will be taken off the list for the selected times.NonNonOui
• Additional services infoAllow your internal users to include specific requests when reserving a space (catering, activities, installations, etc.) so they can organise an event.NonNonOui
• Third-party invoicing upon request infoGive external clients the option to make specific requests when they book a space. An invoicing system is automatically set up to invoice both reservations and additional services.OuiOuiOui
User management   
• Personal space infoEach user has their own personal space: profile updates, favourite space management, access to affiliated spaces, past reservations and invoices.OuiOuiOui
• oAuth authentication infoLog in with Google, Office 365, OutlookNonNonOui
• Instant or planned bookings infoView the room availability, book in one click and start your meeting immediately - or plan ahead for a later dateOuiOuiOui
• Recommendations and comments / Reviews infoGive your users the chance to share their positive comments or ideas for how to improve your serviceOuiOuiOui
• External solutions for room needs outside your space infoDon’t have the equipment you need? Are your meeting rooms no longer available? MOFFI can offer an available space nearby, with all the right tools, in one of our partner spaces.OuiOuiOui
• Inter-connecting your users infoConnect your members so they can identify who is in which spaceOuiOuiOui
• Manage your users by groups infoDefine groups of users / partners / ambassadors: each group allows you to allocate access privileges to one or several of your rooms in free or pay-per-use mode.OuiOuiOui
• Create networks with your partners infoShare your working spaces with other companies on MOFFI Create a network of partners and define their access privileges.NonOuiOui
• Credit management for your users infoSet up usage time quotas for each group of usersNonNonOui
• Automatic privilege revocation for your users infoPlan the authorisation and access to your spaces according to the arrival and departure dates for your users (interns, partners, etc.).NonNon(Upon request)
• Track your income infoSo you’ve chosen to open up your spaces to the outside world: track the revenue you’re making from these space bookingsNonOuiOui
• Space occupancy rates infoIt’s easy to view and optimise how each of your workspaces are usedNonOuiOui
• Peak periods for your spaces infoDiscover which days per week or which time slots are the busiest for your spacesNonOuiOui
• How your spaces are used infoDiscover which employees and/or partners are using your spaces the mostNonOuiOui
• Bookings for your spaces infoTrack how many space reservations you’re getting per day, month and yearNonOuiOui
• Monthly activity report infoEvery month, you’ll get a summary mobility report for your employees, giving you a clearer view of how they move within your companyNonNon(Upon request)
• Activity analysis infoGet statistics tables, personalized to suit your needs. Just ask and you’ll get your own analysis reports covering space profitability and member activity, and get personalized advice on how to optimise your spaces.NonNon(Upon request)

Mobile application

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Book the room you want, when you want it.
Choose the type of space, the location, the services... And use it !
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Open API

Connect your favourite tools to MOFFI! One tool, 1000 functions.

And many more...

The tool

Save time, automate and analyse - it’s so easy

A single tool allows you to manage space reservations and your members to simply access all of your rooms.

The essentials

Reservations and availability

Planned or last-minute reservations for your spaces.

Calendar synchronisation

Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook…
Your reservation tools.

Private / public management

Two modules (public/private), meaning you can restrict access to your members only or open your spaces to all your partners.

Managing your spaces

Reservation criteria

Stay flexible and adjust the times and notice needed for your reservations

Networking your spaces

Pooling resources: space management across all your buildings.
Connect your sites and facilitate contact between your members

Reservation management

Did a booking not materialise?
Free up the space and avoid phantom meetings

Why choose MOFFI ?

White label

A white-label space booking system, enhancing the visibility of your site.
Your spaces can be booked directly on your website or your intranet - just integrate a white-label module, adapted to suit the graphic design of your company.

User management

User management

Each user has their own personal space: profile, favourite spaces, reservations, invoices, etc.

User groups

Each group can be personalized, allowing you to quickly and easily manage access privileges for your spaces

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