Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your spaces ?
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Why choose MOFFI LINK ?
The MOFFI LINK solution is the perfect way to simply and securely manage your flexible spaces.
Sharing your offices and meeting rooms with your members has never been easier.
Give your community a boost
With MOFFI LINK, you’ve got the perfect solution to keep all your members mobile. This application will make it easier for them to find spaces both inside and outside your buildings. All this, and a great way for your members to stay connected.
How does it work?
MOFFI LINK allows you to share your offices and meeting rooms between your affiliated members*.
*Affiliated member: an identified person to whom you have given access privileges to one or several spaces.
This is the simplest and most effective space management tool on the market. MOFFI Link uses client feedback to offer a technological solution that is flexible enough for hosts and mobile enough for workers.
Manage your flexible office spaces
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Manage your flexible office spaces with MOFFI
Are you looking for a simple, all-in-one space management solution ?
The essentials
Space and reservation management
Availability management
Calendar synchronisation
Opening your spaces to the outside world (private/public management)
Why choose MOFFI ?
Open API: ZAPIER plug
User management
Staff area
Group-based user management
Network creation
User credit management
Space management
Booking criteria
Meetings which don’t go ahead are deleted
Activity analysis
Your space bookings
Peak periods for your spaces
Grow your human ecosystem
Strengthen the bonds within your company by giving your employees greater mobility and more opportunities to communicate with each other.
Track all of your mobile users’ reservations in your spaces at a glance.
Management - Private/Public mode
Manage access privileges for your spaces
The MOFFI app can geolocate your affiliated nomads, allowing them to access a wide range of spaces.
Access the user statistics for your spaces: Performance, use, reservations.
Work together, differently
Enhance the agility of your teams by organising your workplace, focusing on greater independence, involvement and cooperation between employees. We’ll support you through the future of work and the digital revolution, ensuring that you maintain maximum performance.
Run a quick test on a representative panel and analyse each action
Make it easier for your users to adopt your digital tools
Your employees will play an active role in their own development.
Offer additional services to improve your users’ quality of life.
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